Emily W. Viehland's Biography

After graduating from college with a degree in neuroscience, she went to grad school in linguistics, where she met her first husband and started her family. It soon became obvious to her that she was spending her baby time feeling guilty over not doing her schoolwork, and then spending her school time feeling guilty over not being as focused of a mom when with her baby. And she was tired, all the time. Quitting grad school and embarking on a career as a stay-at-home mom removed most of the spiraling guilt cycle (although, for the next few years, she did occasionally feel guilty about quitting the PhD program).

During her journey through adulthood, she has come to embrace natural products and an old-fashioned home life. (For instance, she does not own a TV and makes her own granola and yogurt.) The ride has been gradual, but very enlightening!

After her marriage fell apart, she needed to re-enter the workforce, and took a job in sales for a small engineering start-up firm, working 10 hours per week, from home, for commissions. This was the bees knees, especially given that she had started homeschooling her four kids, but given the growth-goals of the company, it was not sustainable over the long haul.

Now remarried, she has started a consulting business that will allow her to help others to find health and happiness, through decontaminating their homes and bodies, and reducing stress.

For more information contact: Emily Viehland - 412-362-5238

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